Human Rights

Fundamental Human Rights

It is the proper time for the international community to recognize its error, and end the prohibition of Cannabis so that it can meets its potential as food, fibre, and pharmaceutical.

Cannabis can be legally regulated and fundamental human rights for medical treatment of personal choice can be restored.

Specific violations from the international bill of human rights include;

governments’ shirking their specific legal “obligation to refrain from prohibiting or impeding traditional preventive care, healing practices and medicines”, engaging in the “deliberate withholding or misrepresentation of information vital to health protection or treatment” and adopting “laws or policies that interfere with the components of the right to health.”

Where Cannabis has been made medicinally available in a limited fashion via local regulatory frameworks, which often in themselves conflict with higher-level jurisdictional laws, it is most certainly under-utilized.

This is due to a lack of understanding about the workings of clinicians and patients alike and to a lack of basic knowledge on the science of cannabinoid therapeutics.

Widespread lack of education and the strained research environment means that many medical practitioners would not know basic indications or dosing strategies even if it were available for their use.

A glimpse at social history.

There was a time when Cannabis cigarettes were promoted for asthma relief and opium-laced syrups were given to calm teething infants.

Doctors prescribed heroin for relief during childbirth, and writers, musicians and artists sought inspiration in the fiery euphoria of opiates.

Society’s attitudes have changed dramatically, yet some of the most lethal recreational drugs are still legal and widely available including alcohol & tobacco.


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