Hemp Seed Chocolate Cake

Hemp seed chocolate cake is a winner at the Nimbin Show.

You need a large pressure cooker 11inch, the cake 9 1/2 inch, sits on an upside down steamer, so its not sitting in the bottom of the pot.

The pressure cooker has 3 cups of water in the bottom, the cake sits in its container on top of the upside down steamer, the cake is covered with 3 layers greaseproof paper and steamed for one hour.

On a very low temperature.

You need 375g of dark cooking chocolate-melt all but 3 bars, add 3 Tbls good quality sour cream, and 2/3 cup of macadamia oil melted in a bowl over simmering water, when its all melted stir in 1 cup of sifted hemp meal and leave until blood temp.

I pressure cook a giant beetroot, when cool grate it on the fine setting of the hand grater you will need one cup.

You need to cook up 1/2 cup dates in 1/3 cup of nice tea, dilma, or lady grey.

When the tea has absorbed into the dates and its cool mash it up with a fork make sure no stones in it, then add 2 tsp vanilla extract and 2 fresh eggs, add to chocolate mix with 2/3 cup brown sugar.

Add 1 2/3 cups flour,2 tsp BP, 1tst B soda,1tsp cinnamon, mix well- lastly add grated beetroot.

When cool, melt last 3 bars chocolate with 2 Tbsp sour cream when smooth spread over cake, very rich cake have small pieces, keeps well in airtight container in fridge for up to 3 weeks.

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