Hemp Seed Baklava

Baklava with hemp seed flour

Its taken me years to get it this good Hemp seed flour sifted twice before adding to mix

First make a pot of dilma tea

Add two cups of tea to one packet of dates and soak for two hours

When cool strain off tea and mash with potato masher to make sure there are no date stones add the two cups of hemp seed flour

Also add 10 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp vanilla paste, 2 cups maccas crushed and 2 cups of fine chopped maccas, two cups of dark agave syrup, 400grms almond flour, mix this up with your fingers like a scone mix, if too wet add more almond flour

You can use other nuts- hazelnuts ground or brazil nuts chopped fine

Note-do not use walnut or cashew

This mix makes up to 5 trays

Freeze the mix until ready for use

I use Antoniou fillo pastry one packet for each tray

Use maca oil instead of butter

Place eight layers of pastry on well oiled tray each one brushed with oil, trim off edges sprinkle mix not too thick add another 6 layers of well oiled pastry making sure the layer on top of mix is well oiled too on both sides you can use the pastry trimmings on top of the sprinkled mix repeat this until all pastry used

Use about 2 cups of oil for the pastry if you using butter its a whole block melted.

Press the whole thing gently down with oiled hands and cut before you cook on slow oven 150 for about 45 mins check all time or until brown on top

The syrup

2 cups dark agave syrup mix in 2 tsps cinnamon, then add 10 caps of orange blossom water,5 tsp of cinnamon extract, 5 tsps of rose water this is optional, pour over cool cut baklava with a tablespoon making sure each piece gets syrup

After a few hours in fridge its easier to get out of tray and put in airtight container it will keep for 3 weeks

Use vanilla paste and extract for best results

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