In some countries, hashish is added to coffee.

The combination increases the effects of the hashish, but diminishes its duration due to a more rapid absorption.

The caffeine and related substances in coffee have something to do with these effects. Drugs frequently potentiate each other. Caffeine may enhance the stimulating properties of Cannabis.

Since the first effects of Cannabis include stimulation, the caffeine may augment these effects during the initial stage. This stimulation usually turns to drowsiness after several hours. Coffee is, of course, an effective antidote for lethargy.

Many seasoned hedonists, especially those with leisure, find that a joint and a cup of coffee is a most perfectly balanced combination for starting the morning right; stimulating enough to get one into the day, but sufficiently mellowing to keep one from being wired.

There are several ways in which coffee can be spiked with Cannabis. This recipe is a most delightful and exotic morning brew.


Prepare a pot of good coffee. In a small saucepan or Turkish coffee pot place one teaspoonful of finely-powdered straight Arabian mocha for each cup.

  • Add a pinch of powdered cardamom seed and one-half gram of pulverized hashish for each cup.
  • Pour the amount of coffee desired over the powdered mocha and cardamom.
  • Heat the pot over a low name until it threatens to bubble over.
  • Remove it from the heat immediately.
  • Serve in demitasse or espresso cups with a small spoon.
  • Dissolve a teaspoon of honey in each cup.

The coffee is sipped from the top and the powdered mocha and honey is eaten like candy from the bottom with the spoon.

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