Cannabis Healing Oil

  • Amber glass bottle with a tight lid
  • Organic hemp seed oil or organic olive oil(cold pressed extra virgin oil is the healthiest)
  • Organic Cannabis (dry & cured)
  • Tea strainer


  • 2/3 fill bottle with dry, crushed herb.
  • Pour in the oil to fill the bottle.
  • Screw the lid on tight.
  • Shake for a minute or so daily.
  • Potent enough to use after about 36 hours. Best after 14 days.
  • Strain the herb out

Therapeutic Use

Cannabis healing oil has muscle relaxant, anti-spasm, and anti-inflammation anti-biotic and painkiller qualities.

Excellent for massage, wounds, burns, cuts and abrasions. Bruising and headache are not forgotten either, this is a powerful all round healing oil.


  • Cannabis Healing Oil
  • Bees wax (If you are allergic to bees try sorbolene instead)
  • Double steamer
  • Amber glass bottle with lid


  • Place the water in the bottom pot and oil and wax in the top pot of the steamer.
  • Measure about 20% wax and 80% oil by volume
  • Heat water (bottom pot) till wax melts, (top pot).
  • Stir in well.
  • Cool a sample to check consistency.
  • Add more wax to make it firmer or oil to make softer.
  • Pour into the bottle and cool.

Therapeutic Use

Can be used externally or internally. Yes it has aphrodisiac properties too. Remember this is one of the safest known herbs to humankind.

Confident and complete control of anything from tropical ulcers to pimples, insect bites to burns, chronic nerve, muscle and bone pain,migraine headache, severe back and neck pain, nerve & allergic rashes.

Cannabis is a truly gifted medicinal herb that can really heal with minimum side effects.

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