The Scientist

‘The Scientist’ reviews Professor Raphael Mechoulam’s role in discovering and elucidating the endocannabinoid system, and proposing clinical applications.

The hashish from which Mechoulam isolated THC and CBD in the early ‘60s had been obtained from the police in Jerusalem. Bringing it back to his lab on a bus, Mechoulam drew inquisitive looks and remarks from fellow passengers puzzled by “this very unusual smell.”

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Pharmacofascism and the rise of the State

The recent Di Natale Bill to remove oversight of medical Cannabis from the TGA and establish a Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis has now been effectively shelved by the Turnbull Government, who instead have opted for the status quo and placed the control of medical Cannabis firmly in the hands of the TGA and the medical practitioners who for so long have denigrated the medical utility and safety of Cannabis and the clinical results obtained as mere anecdotes.

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Hemp Construction

Hemp lime building materials are increasingly attracting global attention because hemp construction allows you to create infrastructure that stores carbon.

It offers a solution to the need for zero-carbon building, produces healthier homes and workplaces and has major potential in a number of different ways in mainstream and social housing, as well as in commercial construction.

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