Mental Health sufferers turn to Cannabis

I must say I am getting mighty sick of the way medical professionals choose to treat people with mental health problems once they mention they consume Cannabis. 

I have such a huge hate rant but I choose to copy and paste the most profound (to me) statement DIRECT from the ‘Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing: Cannabis and Mental Health’.

“The prevalence of at least yearly cannabis use in Australia has been stable for the past twenty years with minimal changes in the incidence of mental health problems. Similarly, the considerable increase of cannabis use in the previous thirty years was not accompanied by a corresponding increase in mental illness.”

Fancy that, in the 50 years that the Australian Government has been keeping track of people who consume Cannabis for studies there has been only ‘minimal changes’ in the amount of mental health problems.

Now that quote isn’t taken out of context, it is what it is.

The biggest thing for me is when medical professionals talk about dependency issues associated with full-time consumption of Cannabis. I am going through the public health sector which is one of the major problems.

They’re just to ill equipped.

Coping with mental health

My psychiatrist has been dealing the same anti-depressant he tried to prescribe me for 22 years! His exact words where “it doesn’t get rid of the problem but without it I’m much worse”.

Anti depressants work in different ways. Not all of them are designed to affect serotonin. The most recent one they trialled on me affected my adrenaline uptake and caused me to feel like I was on amphetamines then crashing with no energy.

Soooo it’s not a cure then? It’s a coping mechanism.

mental health

Well my good Sir, I happen to have a much better coping mechanism that is organic and natural, doesn’t come with a list of side effects such as loss of libido or even increased suicidal thoughts (that’s right, one of the side effects of anti depressants is increased suicidal thoughts) and best of all, this plant just grows in the ground.

Cannabis would be free if we didn’t have a system of fear and commerce pushing us out of humanity and into a series of 1’s and 0’s

Alex Nathan

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