Dragon Ball


This is what you can do with liquid CO2

One of many methods of Cannabis oil extraction employed by the modern industry. Very pure, high THC products are lawfully available to people in almost half of the USA and we are not seeing any of the dire warnings from the prohibitionists coming to pass.

These concentrates really make a mockery of the prohibition argument that stronger Cannabis causes mental illness, such as the “Skunk” hysteria coming out of the UK.

Concentrates are being made from Skunk, Kush and the newer high potency strains. US states with lawful access to Cannabis for medical and general use have only seen declines in suicides, which is surely the most concrete benchmark of mental illness.

Cannabis is a treatment for mental illness and stress while prohibition traumatizes the community.

These beautiful Cannabis crystal balls literally foretell the future for Cannabis. This ‘ Dragon Ball ’ is from Seattle, Washington based company X-Tracted where Cannabis use is legal.

Cannabinoids in their acidic forms begin to store up inside the trichomes alongside aromatic hydrocarbons, known as terpenes and/or terpenoids. Terpenes also develop on the surface of the leaves/ stems.

When the Cannabis is mature and harvested, the flowers are hung and cured properly to retain minimal moisture.

When various methods are utilized (dry-sifting, ice-water collection, etc) to extract the trichomes from the Cannabis material, the resulting collection resembles packed brown sugar, often with a caramelized appearance.

The dry cured flower or collected block resin can be further processed to yield tincture and/or resinous oil of Cannabis.

When properly extracted, tincture of Cannabis is vibrant gold-dark amber in colour with red tones and essential oil of Cannabis resembles hardened amber with gold and/or red accents.

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