Cannabis has saved me from a bad relationship

My husband works in law enforcement and things turned sour when I discovered the real truth about prohibition.

I can’t live with a man who just follows orders and shows no respect for basic human rights.

Prohibition has ruined another marriage, but in my case, for different reasons. It is not hard to search for facts online.

If you follow the money, it is pretty obvious that prohibition was designed to protect the profits of industries and corporations that the Cannabis plant would otherwise compete with. Pharmaceuticals are just the beginning.

Then the money trail is made longer and wider with what is spent trying to enforce the law. Money that comes from taxes. Talk about corruption!

Prohibition has failed

There are states in the US where ‘marijuana’ is legal, so all the years, money and effort trying to stop it, have been wasted. Law enforcement for Cannabis has got them nowhere, just like my marriage.

When my husband comes home from work today, I’m going to tell him that it’s time to pack it in and get a divorce.

No longer, can I share our lives nor accept the financial support while knowing that it is earned from the punishment of people who cause no harm to others and no harm to themselves. It’s just not right.

Name and address withheld for security reasons.

PS. Sometimes when two good friends get together, one thing leads to another. Just having a bit of fun. Something that feels so right, can’t be so wrong.

My affair with Cannabis has saved my life. I’m going to start living.

Beating Depression – a true story

George McMahon, author and medical Cannabis patient in the US Federal Drug Administration’s Investigational New Drug (IND) program, stated in his 2003 book ‘Prescription Pot’:

“People who have never struggled with a life threatening or disabling illness often do not comprehend how debilitating the resulting depression can be.

Long days spent struggling with sickness can wear patients down, suppress their appetites and slowly destroy their wills to live. This psychological damage can result in physiological effects that may be the difference between living and dying.

The elevated mood associated with Cannabis definitely affected my health in a positive manner.

I was more engaged with life. I took walks and rode my bike, things I never considered doing before in my depressed state, even if I had been physically capable. I ate regular meals and I slept better at night. All of these individual factors contributed to a better overall sense of well-being.”


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