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The HEMP Chronicle began as a 16 page tabloid in December 2015. The annual MardiGrass print program became more informative and popular enough to be online and in further print editions.

About Cannabis

The plant, the whole plant and nothing but the plant. THC content is mostly derived from the Nimbin HEMP Embassy, MardiGrass and the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party.

Please Note: The opinions within the information presented are not necessarily the views shared by The HEMP Chronicle. Readers are advised to add their opinions at the source of the article, comment on the affiliated facebook pages, respond via email, phone, webcam or in person.


Prohibition of Cannabis or hemp has thrown history and rationality out the window and replaced them with hard-line ideology and brute force.

Billions of people are unaware of the corrupt conflicts of interest that initiated and sustain the suppression of the plant.

Artificial divisions are perpetuated by those who disrespect the basic principles of human survival.

Persecution disguised as protection from evil. Fascist propaganda enforced by those who have a vested interest in petrochemicals.

Media hype about the cost of drugs on society, but little discussion on the cost of the ‘war on drugs’ in social and economic terms.

The war on hemp is purely political and has cost the world economy trillions of dollars in trying to enforce prohibition and the loss of industrial economic viability. Where is this approach taking us?

Nimbin HEMP Embassy

Cannabis information and law reform. Just say know. The Nimbin HEMP Embassy in a non-profit association incorporated under the name Nimbin HEMP and established in 1992.

The Embassy’s objectives are Cannabis law reform through educating the community about hemp products and Cannabis, and promoting a more tolerant and compassionate attitude to people in general. Find the related website at; www.hempembassy.net

Nimbin MardiGrass

The annual Cannabis law reform rally and gathering on the first weekend in May. Mission: To bring about change by the most entertaining means possible.nimbinmardigrass.com

For those who came in late…

“In March 1993, after a decade of raids and arrests, and a particularly intensive recent period of random street searches, arrests and rough treatment, a spontaneous demonstration erupted, and marched to the police station, pelting it with eggs and toilet paper. Negative newspaper reports followed.

Nimbin HEMP Embassy members decided to hold a peaceful protest in a non-confrontational atmosphere, that ordinary people could comfortably attend, on May 1, 1993. That was the first MardiGrass. (The spelling is that officially used by the MardiGrass Organising Body).

The MOB was formed to manage the event and consists entirely of volunteers. The intention is to hold a MardiGrass every year until prohibition ends.”

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

HEMP Party

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party.

Vote 1 HEMP to re-legalise and regulate personal, medical and industrial use.

HEMP has a plan to integrate the whole plant into our everyday lives for medicine, food security, the environment and social harmony. australianhempparty.com

Cannabis as commodity will have far reaching consequences on legislation and on the value of other commodities including crude oil, coal, cotton, beef & dairy, wood-pulp, soy bean, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco and etc..

Better legislation for Cannabis will improve our health, nutrition, policing and the annual budget.

HEMP Party Membership is open to all people who;

  • are eligible to be enrolled on the AEC electoral roll
  • support the aims and objectives of the HEMP Party
  • agree to accept the rules and regulations of the HEMP Party

Join the Party with a complete application form. (Online Form)

The HEMP Chronicle

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